Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Post!!

Hey, everyone! So, this is my first blog post!! How exciting!!!

I wish I had something interesting to say or some makeup looks to show you, but I don't. So this will be a sort of introduction to me and what I wasn't this blog to be.

So, my name is Rosalind and I LOVE LOVE LOVE makeup!!! I just recently discovered this, but I'm deeply enjoying it. Most of this blog will be makeup looks. If enough people start requesting tutorials, I'll be doing those too. Also, if I happen to figure out how to do nail art, I will post some of that too. As of now, I cannot do my nails for the life of me. Oh well. I'm up for trying!

Anyway, I just want this to be a blog full of makeup, nails, beauty, and FUN!

I've never blogged before or written daily or anything, but I am hoping that now that I have a blog, I'll have incentive to do a new makeup look each day for my followers. Now...to get some followers...

Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you stay a while! Below you'll get a preview of the makeup I've done in the past.

<3 Rosalind

An older look. Random and dramatic. Like me!!

One of my favorite looks. I wore this almost every day for a while.

I LOVE this soft, wearable look I did. Pretty and pink. (:

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